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Redemption in the Dominican

After the launch of the Cups Documentary, Se' La Luz, last year, the doors began to open for the Cups Team to present a motion picture idea based on what God is doing in the Dominican Republic. In the last few months, a script is under way, meetings with studios have been happening, a novel based on the film has been approved, and God continues to open the doors.
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Who We Are

At CUPS Mission, we've been collecting video of our work in the Dominican Republic for years. We've produced numerous videos showcasing different aspects of our story, but we've never told the complete story. Why did the mission start? How are lives being transformed? In 2022, we felt led to share the full story to a bigger audience. We felt led to produce a full length documentary.

God is doing some amazing work and we want to share a very personal story to give Him the glory. He has continuously proven that our faithfulness and obedience lead to life transformation. Our story…God's not about one person or one group, but about the many lives God has touched to reach the men, women and children for His Kingdom.

Support Us


Have friends, family watch and ask them to share. The more people who see the documentary, the bigger the group that will know about the motion picture.


You can help crowd fund the movie project. The script is being written, studios are prayerfully considering their role, and a novel based on the motion picture is in the works. You can give to help make all that happen.



Pray for more doors to open as we follow God's lead.

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 “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly gain a great reward.”

-Matthew 10:42